"You Happened My Way"

by Kim Kalesti and Marion Cowings

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An album of fine mastered compositions, sung with impeccable vocal ease. A decade of harmonious blend on and off the stage for this dynamic duo. A recording so telling of their intimacy, with beautiful sound texture, storytelling and diverse arrangements, elicits not only the heart but precise skill of excellent musicianship.


released February 22, 1993

Kim Kalesti Marion Cowings
John DiMartino piano
Chip Jackson bass
Chip white drums

Recorded February/April 1993
Don Elliott Studiio Weston Connecticut
Engineer - Dean Elliot



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Kim Kalesti and Marion Cowings New York, New York

New York City dynamic jazz singing duet Kim and Marion catalogue ten years of harmonic blend produce outstanding vocal jazz recordings.

It was the self produced "Inside" album that put Kim and Marion on the charts, always singing with the grandest talent. Followed "Kim and Marion", "If You Could See Me Now" and "You Happened My Way".
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Track Name: Azule Serape
ba diddlie do da ba dwee da
ba diddlie do da ba dwee da
ba diddlie do da ba dwee
de dedala de dedala dwe da

I like the
i like your tie
babe my I
tickle your thigh before we get up
be diddila dwe da be da
Track Name: You Happened My Way
"You Happened My Way"

it was hip to pretend I didnt care
is was cool to free
show the girl who's in charge
tell the world how to be
nothing that I had
could make me glad
I was always sad

and then you happened my way
the odds on romance
dont pay I'd say
thats when you happened my way
thanks for the ride
just when the bottom feel out
you came to see what was left of me
It's cuz you happened my way

never mind what all my girlfriends are saying
lots of people try to tell me that Im wrong
they dont know that Ive been searching oh so long
for someone who
thinks for himself
knows love is wealth

you put the ball into play
you threw the change up so well that day
I'm glad you happened my way
Track Name: Con Alma
Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy you really made me
Happy Happy Happy to be alive

Since you went away
all I can do is try to play
what you showed me
Track Name: A Being Such As You
the face you wear Ive seen it before
can't you tell by the look I give you
I won't say it was in a dream
though dreams aren't always what they seem

the way you smile just turns me right on
seems so familiar Im paranoid
won't you give me just one clue
I'm going crazy over you

It might have been in another world
when my love was unfurled to you
there's something telling me it's true

I want to know you better each day
before the heavens take you away
I feel a change thats strange and knew
to love a being such as you
Track Name: Strange As It Seems
It hard to believe
that I wake each day
and no longer grieve
and the memories are starting to fade
starting to fade
strange as that seems, darling

you said I'd survive
you were right Im here
unloved but alive
and I even started smiling again
smiling again
strange as that seems darling

without you I've discovered
I can some how get along
but its so hard being strong

the yearning has gone
and the business of existing goes on
and Ill love again some day I suppose
someday I suppose
someone will make me forget you
that no as strange as it seems
strange as it seems, darling